Your Rights and Responsibilities

Here we explain what you can expect from us (your rights) and what we ask from you in return (your responsibilities).


You have the right to:
  • Have your cultural, religious and social needs valued and treated with respect Have a service that is high quality and professional
  • Have your privacy protected unless there are safety concerns  Be involved in the decisions about you
  • Have a choice about students during your session- it won’t change how you are treated
  • Change to another service with our help if you need
  • Feel safe and respected
  • Ask to see the information we have kept on you
  • Give feedback about our service and have this listened to



You have the responsibility to:
  • Give us full details about your health- this helps us give you the best care
  • Keep your appointments.  If you need to cancel please allow 24hrs notice
  • Be involved with your treatment and work towards the goals you have set
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand
  • Treat our staff and property with respect


We welcome your complaints or compliments to help us make the service better.
If you have any questions or you feel your rights are not being met, please:

Contact us >